The Parkour Movement Foundation (PK Move)

Hello Friends!

I am thrilled to officially present PK Move to our friends and fellow ninjas.  After meeting the amazing Jade Shaw of Parkour Dance this summer, we were inspired to begin our own special program for seniors. Of course, we aren’t dancers, so we have to add our own unique movement “spin” on the classes.  Our mission is to serve those who are not physically or financially able to train at an awesome parkour gym like Urban Evolution where we learned! We hope to have classes up and running in January 2016. For now we are getting specialized training, developing and testing out programming for even more special groups such as vets and breast cancer survivors. We are also giving presentations about our classes to interested organizations. Let us know if you or your group is interested in a presentation. Here is Rosy Noguchi during a specialized AFAA senior group fitness training we all had this month. Stay tuned for more developments and thank you for your support!

Rosy at AFAA Senior Group FItness Training

The Parkour Movement Foundation (PK Move)

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