Spotlight: Cindy Cariens 

PK Move is very lucky to have a strong community of support. Cindy Cariens, along with her husband Rich, have been important behind-the-scenes supporters of PK Move from the beginning. In addition to generous financial donations, PK Move has received essential obstacle course equipment, including precision trainers and a vault box from Rich and Cindy.  We cannot thank them enough, as this greatly enhanced our obstacle courses and demos. 

Cindy, known especially for her amazing parkour rail skills, is an avid climber. She was recently featured in an article on Vertical Rock’s blog.  In addition to being a badass in the gym, Cindy is a homeschooling mother of three wonderful people. 

Our non-profit could not function with out the support of people like Cindy who lend a helping hand. In the face of many obstacles, she has also been an inspiration, continuing to move and challenge herself. In the article, Cindy says:

I’ve slowly progressed with climbing while minding a serious physical constraint, but I’ve also been able to keep pushing myself in a way no amount of squats in physical therapy can. Now my training is geared toward making me a better climber.

Her philosophy mirrors that of PK Move, which serves special populations. We emphasize gentle, steady progress and mindfulness of physical constraints, while training at the limits of abilities. We always encourage our participants to engage in whichever of our “sister” movement disciplines “speaks” to them: climb, dance, yoga, martial arts, tai chi, free weights, etc. Crosstraining makes our participants and our fitness community stronger. A central tenet of parkour is:

Be strong to be useful. 

Many thanks to Cindy and Rich for their support. They make PK Move stronger which in turn allows us to be more useful and helpful to others. 

Spotlight: Cindy Cariens 

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