PK Move at Casa Chirilagua

We are excited to be back at Casa Chirilagua this fall. Like us, Casa Chirilagua is a 501(c)3. Their mission is to build relational bridges to holistically transform communities. This resonates with PK Move: our mission is to share the transformative power of parkour and building community is one of our core values.

Your generous donations allow us to offer enrichment programs like this one. Why are they important? Afterschool enrichment provides an environment where children can supplement, delve more deeply into or expand what they are learning in school. These programs align with the parent work day, to ensure a safe place for their children to continue to learn and play until they come home.

PK Move is especially dedicated to serving kids who are “underserved” in opportunities for after school play. Many of the neighborhoods we coach in have no playground and little or no play space. This is what parkour is all about! It’s a new way of looking at your environment to imagine where/how fun challenges can be created. The kids are happy and having fun. And the practice of parkour naturally builds confidence, creativity and community. In addition to that, the kids don’t realize how much they are enhancing brain development when we make them move through an obstacle course backwards! For this group of English Language Learners, we will slip in some ninja language skill enhancements as well. That’s the PK Move difference. High-quality parkour training tailored to the needs of your group.

Below: Coach Tian Fontana leads his group in QM practice and kong vault progressions.

PK Move at Casa Chirilagua

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